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Postgraduate Programme (S2)


In 2015, LSPR was the first private university to receive ‘A’ accreditation for its Postgraduate Programme in Communication from BAN PT, The National Accreditation Body of Higher Education in Indonesia and has produced approximately 2000+ alumni.

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Concentrations Option: 

Strategic Public Relations Management

This major is designed to prepare students to become future leaders in the Public Relations industry. Strategic Public Relations Management is divided into two tailor-made sub-concentrations: Corporate Communication and Government Public Relations. In the first semester, all students taking this major study the same core subjects, while in the second and third semester students begin to specialize by taking subjects which are more specific to their chosen area of expertise

Marketing Communication Management

The Marketing Communication Management study concentration prepares students to excel in the promotional aspects of Marketing – enabling them to become leaders in a field which is becoming increasingly complex and competitive in the digital era. It provides students with a well-rounded curriculum to cover Marketing Communication Research, Customer Behaviour, Market Analysis and Branding. Through this approach, students become successful in communicating the attributes of products, services, or ideas to targeted and segmented audiences.

International Communication Management

This major combines knowledge and training in international communications studies, particularly as they relate to the areas of business and development. Subjects studied will focus on developing communication skills needed by graduates to function efficiently in dynamic international business contexts. It will also provide knowledge about regional and global issues relating to trade, security, geo-political power structures and development. An international collaboration with Coventry University focuses on Maritime issues of particular importance to Indonesia; the world’s largest archipelagic nation.

Digital Communication & Media Management

This major produces graduates who are ready and equipped to advance their careers in a range of dynamic career paths in the mass media industry. Both digital and traditional forms of mass media are covered in depth, developing an awareness of the media and its complex interactions with political, social and business processes. The use of advertising to inform and influence consumer choices is also covered in detail to create graduates who will excel in designing and implementing successful strategies for achieving the goals of their clients. Our graduates are ready to work in an internationally competitive context of global business, media and communications.

Business & Communication Management

This major is designed to strengthen and develop knowledge and practice in the area of business management and communication. All business and communication instrument activities aim to provide the needs and wants of the market, and achieve the highest profits through effective and efficient financial management. Designed to produce competent professionals in the field of financial and business development management, and mastering communication skills in the competitive global business industry in the digital age.


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