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Blended Learning in Management

BLENDED LEARNING in Management (S1)

The Management study program of the Faculty of Business, LSPR Communication & Business Institute is designed to produce graduates who can become executives & entrepreneurs who are reliable, creative and ready to work with an entrepreneurial spirit.


Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Students will explore the concepts and implementation of management in running business entities. The program will also provide entrepreneurial concepts and values and leadership dynamics so that students are ready to become executives and entrepreneurs in the future. Besides that, this program also provides learning related to management trends in the digital age so that students are able to use digital technology as a strategy in product innovation, marketing and managing customers to improve business performance.

Study Program: Bachelor Degree in Management Academic

Degree: Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.)

Major: Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Final Assignment: Thesis and Non-Thesis

Total Subject: 44 Subjects

Total Semester Credit Unit: 145 Credits

Learning Period: 8 Semesters

Learning Methods: Blended Learning (45% Online | 55% Offline)

Language of Instruction: Bahasa Indonesia and English


15 Oktober 2020, 16:23:47